251,110 Parking Tickets Per Year
Issued by
London Borough of Camden

Approximately 251,110 parking tickets (PCNs) are issued in a typical year by London Borough of Camden.

Parking Tickets Database

We calculated these figures from our Parking Tickets Database for the UK. We are building our database by using Freedom of Information Act Requests and analysing the data. So far we have a total of 849,415 tickets issued by London Borough of Camden between April 2017 and January 2021

Out of appromately 1,398 Streets in Camden we have found 981 Individual Locations where parking tickets or PCNs are issued by the authority.

By Contravention Code

Within postcodes, the number and value of tickets issued by London Borough of Camden in a typical year are as follows:

  • NW3 (48,821 tickets to value £4,791,470)
  • NW1 (44,016 tickets to value £4,148,590)
  • NW6 (32,494 tickets to value £3,251,380)
  • WC1B (23,344 tickets to value £2,809,040)
  • NW5 (22,095 tickets to value £2,430,640)
  • WC2H (11,541 tickets to value £1,225,060)
  • WC1N (8,302 tickets to value £805,890)
  • WC1A (8,115 tickets to value £928,920)
  • W1T (7,901 tickets to value £730,220)
  • WC1X (7,024 tickets to value £794,210)
  • WC2B (5,666 tickets to value £593,410)
  • WC1E (5,625 tickets to value £501,340)
  • EC1N (5,507 tickets to value £460,270)
  • WC1H (4,470 tickets to value £360,050)
  • WC1R (2,819 tickets to value £221,200)
  • WC1V (2,433 tickets to value £294,030)
  • NW2 (2,397 tickets to value £238,220)
  • WC2A (1,626 tickets to value £130,960)
  • N6 (1,565 tickets to value £142,900)
  • EC1R (1,532 tickets to value £176,370)
  • NW8 (923 tickets to value £78,030)
  • N19 (718 tickets to value £72,130)
  • N1C (634 tickets to value £67,140)
  • W9 (229 tickets to value £25,190)
  • N1 (154 tickets to value £16,740)
  • N7 (68 tickets to value £7,080)

Parking Ticket Tool

If you are travelling to one of the areas covered by London Borough of Camden then you can use this tool to check for parking ticket hotspots near you:

Parking Ticket Hotspots
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Data Source

Parking ticket information is extracted from our Parking Tickets Database where we are collecting PCN and parking ticket information from local authorities across the country.

Some local authorities have provided data going back from 2017 to present, others for shorter time periods. In order to try to reflect normal circumstances we have focussed analysis of tickets issued in our database to prior to the Covid period, but may have included more recent data if we have found authorities issuing tickets in new locations.
Parking Ticket Hotspot Analysis for London Borough of Camden are calculated from PCNs issued between Jan to Dec 2019.
Up to now TfL have refused to provide full data and so any tickets issued by TfL are not included.

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